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Professional architectural project guidance for people and businesses that want to improve with integrated building design services----
created through a design philosophy of
Econo-Functional Aesthetic Balance (E-FABism)


WJM appears on CNBC TV ON The Money segment
explaining the "Aging in Place" home comfort.

(SEE VIDEO) WJM appears on FOX NEWS TV segment
explaining the historical basis of the "Pittsburgh Potty" phenomenon.
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(SEE VIDEO) WJM Architect appears on NBC-TV HOUSE SMARTS segment
explaining how to read architectural drawings.
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A FIRST in NEW JERSEY - WJM Architect receives TOP TEN GREEN PROJECT MERIT AWARD from the American Institute of Architects (AIA-NJ) (New Jersey Chapter of AIA). for design of New Home "Knight on a Chessboard". The first NJ home to receive the award and the FIRST HOME to be certified LEED Platinum in a NJ suburb statewide .

TALK RADIO SHOW --- WJM Architect explains how Econo- Functional Aesthetic Balance
was created and is applied on Talk Radio show. (click to listen)

EcoBUILDING pulse Magazine, publishes a WJM Architect project.
EcoBuilding Magazine. (use BACK button to return here) Town News, publishes a WJM Architect project.
Article -- Oradell Then and Now: The ultimate recycling program.

AOL Real Estate article on the comfort of WJM Architect design compared to
Brad Pitt's "Make It Right" New Orleans designs.
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THE RECORD - front page WJM quoted in article on the fire damage of the
First Presbyterian Church of Englewood.

William J. Martin, AIA Architect in RECORD Home Section
"The Older Home: Ask the Experts’ Architects"
WJM featured in article regarding expert advice for home design renovations and expansions.