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Few people realize how complex building construction is, - that is until they find themselves facing endless variations of calculated design options, building codes, zoning restrictions, construction contractors, building inspectors, and so on. Everything is simple until it gets complicated. Decisions you make will be very costly. No two building projects are exactly the same, so there is no single method to achieving a successful building.

WJM Architect has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the entire building configuration and construction process, from defining what to build to helping you get the most value for your money. WJM Architect sees the entire project as a goal. We don't just design walls, ceilings, and floors - we envision inter-dependent spaces, inside and outside, beautiful to be in, that satisfy functional needs, budget concerns, and are productive places in which to live and work.

Traditionally architects provide services guided by a "Form Follows Function" design philosophy that does not adequately take into account construction budget concerns. WJM Architect provides a higher level of service with a design philosophy that is more sophisticated. We design to achieve the econo-functional aesthetic balance between architectural beauty, effective spatial planning, and your construction budget. This Appropriate Balance means something different to each client and we take the time to find out what it means to you.

Whether you are renovating, adding on, or building new, WJM Architect guides you through the process. Working with contractors and other construction professionals, we help you achieve a beautifully configured building that meets your requirements and works with your budget and time constraints.

A famous architect once said "God is in the details". WJM disagrees. God is NOT in the details, the Devil resides there. God is in discovering the "econo-functional aesthetic balance" of your project.


|- WJM home -|- WJM address and contact info -|- WJM design philosophy -|- WJM qualifications -|- WJM typical services -|